Calaveras County Office of Education
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About CCOE

The Role of the County Office of Education

A major influence in the education of children in Calaveras County is the County Office of Education. Established by the Constitution of the State of California, it exists as an agency to help all the schools of the county function effectively as learning institutions and as businesses. The County Superintendent of Schools, Kathy Northington, was elected in June 2010. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Calaveras County Office of Education. She plans, organizes, and operates services of the Office of Education for the school districts of the county. The Office has six basic functions.

1. To Help School Districts Improve Instruction
The County Office of Education provides a wide range of services that focus on curriculum and instruction development, and staff development. The Office also assists districts in staff development activities with nearly 1,000 staff participants per year attending workshops and training sessions sponsored by the County Office of Education.

2. To Conduct Programs That Will Benefit All Calaveras County Schools
Currently these programs include: alcohol, drug and tobacco prevention programs; Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), vocational training for high school students and adults; alternative schools/court community schools serving "at-risk" students from ages 11 to 18 located in Angels Camp and Mountain Ranch; Mountain Oaks - a WASC accredited, independent study program for home schoolers with resource centers in San Andreas, Pine Grove and Sonora; K-3 primary intervention program (Special Friends) at all K-6 schools in the County; Extended Day Care Program for Corridor 4 schools; juvenile justice rights and responsibilities curriculum at high schools; Peer Court Program; county wide staff development preparation; alternative conflict resolution programs; the Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program; Program coordinator for homeless and foster youths; and a college preparation program which provides counseling and SAT/ACT Test preparation. The County Office of Education also maintains the substitute teacher list. We also provide high-speed internet high-speed Internet services to our schools in the county.

3. To Enforce and Administer State and Federal Laws and Regulations
The County Office serves as the necessary link between individual districts and the state and federal governments. The Office works with each district to ensure fiscal and operating accountability. It also monitors personnel to ensure that employees are properly licensed, fingerprinted and credentialed.

4. To Provide Special Education and Alternative Education Programs
The county office of education serves as the Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) that coordinates and monitors programs that serve children with exceptional needs from birth through age twenty-two. It also provides an alternative education program for at risk students who require smaller class sizes and a more individualized program. Angels Creek High School provides a high school program and counseling for students striving to lead a healthy life free of alcohol and drug use. The county office also operates the adult education for those who wish to complete their high school diploma.

5. To Provide Business Services to All Districts
The County Office provides comprehensive fiscal systems and services in the areas of budgeting and accounting, payroll preparation, expenditure audits, maintenance of financial records, budget approval, collection and disbursement of funds, and data processing. This business system enables the school districts of Calaveras County to be accountable in accordance with legal and accepted fiscal practices.

6. To Keep the General Public Well Informed of County and District Educational Programs
The County Office is making every effort to maintain an effective public information program with local newspapers and Calaveras Community Television so that people will know the function of the Office and the status of each school in Calaveras County.