Calaveras County Office of Education

Achieving Excellence Together

  • Kathy Northington started her tenure as County Superintendent of Schools in January 2011. Prior to becoming County Superintendent, she served as a district superintendent, associate superintendent, director, principal, assistant principal and teacher.  Kathy has worked in education in Calaveras County for 37 years.


    Kathy grew up in Calaveras County, her family moved to Calaveras when she was three years old. Kathy attended a one room schoolhouse in Wallace through 5th grade prior to the closure of the school.  She graduated from Calaveras High School.


    Kathy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.


    In January 2015, Kathy will start her second term as County Superintendent of Schools for Calaveras County.