Calaveras County Office of Education

Adult Education

Director: Scott Nanik

Adult Education Offered Free of Charge!
Why Delay Any Longer?
Better Job Opportunities, Self Improvement, or Both
“Classes made available to all”

  • High School Diploma
  • 5 Units Residency
Adult students can earn a high school diploma.

Adult basic education (high school) classes are offered free of charge at the Calaveras County Office of Education, Monday through Friday. It is an “individualized” program that adults may join anytime.

You may be only a few units from completion of your diploma. Students working for a high school diploma will receive credit for:

  1. Previous high school work
  2. Work experience
  3. Technical schools

Please bring to school any docu-mentation you may have for the above mentioned.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to earning the credits below, a student MUST pass the California High School Exit Examination.

One unit for each twelve productive clock hours of instruction.

English 40.0

     Algebra 1 = 10

     Other Math = 10






Social Studies:
     World History = 10
     U.S. History = 10
     Government = 5

     Geography = 5

Applied Arts or Foreign Language 10.0
Keyboarding / Computer Literacy 5.0
Career Life Planning / Employability Skills 5.0
Health 2.5
Study Skills 2.5
Electives / P.E. 40.0
Total 180.0

Open Enrollment

Enrollment anytime throughout the year is permitted in classes to earn a high school diploma.