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Community Advisory Committee


What is the CAC?


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) functions as a liaison between the Calaveras County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area, i.e.- the Special Education Department) and the community (parents, community members, teachers, and local school districts). It is a state-mandated association that oversees and facilitates the special education services in Calaveras County.


Who are we?


The CAC is composed of parents of children with special educational needs, educators, administrators, community members and representatives of other public and private agencies who are interested in providing quality education for children with special needs.


What is our goal?


We strive, as a parent-driven group, to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between families and educators. Our goals are:

  • To educate families and the community about special education in Calaveras County
  • To promote community awareness of special education
  • To advocate for families of students with special educational needs
  • Facilitate the collaboration of parents and educators to improve special education opportunities for students
  • To act as an advisory board to SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) regarding the development, implementation and review of the county’s local plan for special education


What does the CAC do?

  • We support and provide a network for parents of students with special needs
  • Provide resources for families, including: IEP support, informational and educational materials, parent rights information, referrals, references to support groups
  • Provide educational workshops to help families better understand their special needs child
  • We engage in advocacy for children with special education needs
  • Facilitate communication between schools, parents and the community on issues of special education

How can I get involved?


Come to our monthly meetings to:

  • Learn more about our programs
  • Meet other family members of children with special needs
  • Attend workshops supported by the CAC


The CAC Meetings, Agendas, Minutes and Handouts are located on  BoardDoc. 



Timini Highfill

Administrative Secretary