Preschool Programs

The CCOE Special Education Preschool Programs all focus on early intervention to help prepare your child for transitioning to an appropriate Kindergarten program that meets his or her educational needs. Building your child's skills and independence is important to our team.


Program Secretary
Tawny Bennett
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Program Manager
Laura Machado
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Preschool Programs Locations

School Sites  Address  City Phone Number Teacher
Jenny Lind Structured Preschool 5100 Driver Road  Valley Springs, CA 95252  209-754-2350 Meghan Gutierrez
Valley Springs Structured Preschool 240 Pine Street Valley Springs, CA 95252 209-754-2141 Savannah Mulderrig
San Andreas Special Day Class Preschool
225 Lewis Ave,
Rm K4
San Andreas, CA 95249 209-754-2365  Ext. 3431 Lisa Pohl
Angels Camp Structured Preschool 364 Murphys Grade Rd  Angels Camp, CA 95222 209-736-6045 Karen Turner
Albert Michelson Special Day Class Preschool 196 Pennsylvania Gulch Road Murphys, CA 95247 209-728-8453 Melissa Hunter-Martin