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Special Education Acronyms


APE:               Adaptive Physical Education

AT:                 Assistive Technology

AU:                 Administrative Unit

CAC:             Community Advisory Committee

CCOE:           Calaveras County Office of Education

CCS:               California Children’s Services

CDE:             California Department of Education

DIS:                Designated Instructional Services

ED:                 Emotionally Disturbed

ESY:               Extended School Year (Summer School)

FAPE:            Free and Appropriate Public Education

ID:                  Intellectual Disability

IDEA:             Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP:                Individual Education Plan

LRE:               Least Restrictive Environment

NPS:               Non-Public School

OHI:               Other Health Impairment

OI:                  Orthopedically Impaired

OT:                 Occupational Therapy

PT:                  Physical Therapy

RSP:               Resource Specialist Program

SDC:               Special Day Class

SELPA:          Special Education Local Plan Area

SH:                  Severely Handicapped

SLD:                Specific Learning Disability

VI:                   Vision Specialist