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Mission Statement

The mission of WorkAbility I (WAI) is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders, including students, families, educators, employers, and other agencies in planning and implementing an array of services that will culminate in successful student transition to employment, lifelong learning and quality adult life.

Program Description


WorkAbility I is a program which…

  • Provides pre-employment skills training, work site training (as available) and follow-up services for youth in special education who are making the transition from school to work
  • Offers special education students the opportunity to complete their secondary education while also obtaining marketable job skills
  • Benefits students, employers and the community at large
  • Seeks employers in the business community who will give students with special needs a chance to prove themselves


Community Employers


  • Valley Springs Feed & Pet Supply
  • Pizza Factory
  • Calaveras County Library
  • CalWorks
  • Pic N Save
  • Calaveras Senior Center
  • CCOE Preschool
  • Calaveras County Animal Services
  • Tractor Supply
  • Calaveras Lumber
  • Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
  • Mike’s Pizza
  • Olde Iron Fitness
  • Calaveras Airport
  • Rodz Grill
  • Calaveras Public Access TV
  • Payless IGA
  • Hazel Fischer Extended Day
  • CCOE
  • Mother Lode Job Training
  • San Andreas Elementary
  • Baechler’s Machine Shop






California Department of Rehabilitation

(916) 324-1313 or (800) 952-5544 (VOICE)
(844) 729-2800 (TTY)



California Department of Education

 (916) 319-0800



Valley Mountain Regional Center

 (209) 754-1871



Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living (DRAIL)

 (209) 532-0963



The Resource Connection

 (209) 754-3114



Columbia College

(209) 588-5100 (main number)

(209) 588-5134 (DSPS Office


For More Information, please contact

                                                    Jessica Tapia                           Jennifer Robinson

                                                              Vocational Technician                           Vocational Technician

                                                              (209) 754-1811 / ext. 5271                    (209) 736-8373

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