• Parent Education and Resources
    Below are a variety of resources and opportunities for parents to further their education.
    Education Acronyms, Program Names, Definitions and Terms
    Every Parent Should Know
    First 5 Calaveras - Classes
    Connecting with YOur Child Through Art - Thursday, May 1, 2018 from 6-8P.  Click here for more information.
    Let's Talk About Co-Parenting - Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 6-8P.  Click here for more information.
    The Art of Growing, Preparing and Cooking Healthy, Fresh Seasonal Meals with your Kids - Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 5:30-7:30P.  Click here here for more information.
    Find your Essentials - Thursdays, May 17 from 9-11A  Click here for more information.
    Copper Parent Cafe - Tuesdays, May 22 from 6-8P.  Click here for more information.  
    Counselling Through First 5
    Counseling with MFT/LCSWs across Calaveras County, including a Spanish speaking counselor. Parents who do not have insurance or full scope Medical to cover counseling, or who are underinsured/can not afford deductibles or co-pays may qualify for up to ten counseling sessions. Call 1-888-787-3654 for more information.
    The Grandparent Project
    REMINDER TO ALL GRANDPARENTS - If you are raising your grandchildren, learn about free services, resources and activities for you and the children by contacting Bonnie Danielson, leader of the Grandparent Project in your area, at (209) 754-3023 or e-mail at homestead pj@yahoo.com.
    Community Advisory Council (CAC) - Parents of Children with Special Needs
    You are invited to attend the monthly Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. The CAC is a group of caring and concerned parents, educators, and local agency representatives who are interested in providing quality education for children with special needs.
    What We Do…
    ..Strive to build communication and cooperation between parents and educators. 
    ..Aim to inform, educate and support one another in partnership with Calaveras County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area).
    ..Provide educational workshops to better understand and parent our children.
    ..Provide support, understanding and collaboration regarding the challenges in educating our children.
    ..Provide information in understanding your child’s IEP (Individual Educational Plan) and the Special Education system.
    ..Facilitate communication between parents and school.
    ..Raise community awareness for the needs of individuals with disabilities.
    CAC meets at: Calaveras County Office of Education, 185 S. Main St., Angels Camp from 5-7P and CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED. Please contact Lorie Wise for information at 736-6016 or lwise@ccoe.k12.ca.us. To receive CAC e-mail updates, please submit your e-mail address to Lorie Wise at the above telephone number or e-mail address.
    Click here for flyer with more information.
    Fine Motor and Sensory Ideas for the Home - Wednesday, February 21, 2018, from 5:30-7P.  Click here for more information.