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    Student Privacy

    CCOE strives to keep our students safe and their privacy protected. We have vetted the list of applications below to confirm they are meeting the requirements of:

    AB 1584: Specifies what local educational agencies must include in contracts with third-party digital record and educational software providers.

    AB 1442: Requires local educational agencies that consider a program to gather or maintain in its records any pupil information obtained from social media to first notify pupils and their parents or guardians about the proposed program, and to provide an opportunity for public comment at a regularly scheduled public meeting before the adoption of the program.

    SB 1177: The Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (“SOPIPA”), takes effect on January 1, 2016. SOPIPA sets forth privacy laws for operators of websites, online services, and applications that are marketed and used for K-12 school purposes, even if those operators do not contract with educational agencies.

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - Click Here

    Approved Apps and Sites for use by CCOE Programs:

    Calaveras River Academy http://www.educationframework.com/districts/main.aspx?schoolid=40218

    Mountain Oaks School http://www.educationframework.com/districts/main.aspx?schoolid=40217

    Oakendell Community School http://www.educationframework.com/districts/main.aspx?schoolid=40219

    Direct questions or comments to: Clint Close, Director of Technology cclose@ccoe.k12.ca.us