Mountain Oaks is part of the Mountain Valley League affiliated with CIF. All ninth through twelfth-grade students in good academic standing are invited to join a team. Seventh and Eighth graders may "red shirt" (students may practice with the team but may not compete or travel with the team). All sports physical and Athletic Packet requirements must be met by student-athletes who wish to "red shirt".

    Fall sports: Girls volleyball, Co-ed Cross Country
    Winter sports: Boys (Co-ed) Soccer, Boy's & Girl's Basketball 
    Spring 2017 sport offered is Co-ed Track


    Athletic Coaching Positions 
    We are always interested to hear from coaches who would be interested in joining our program. Positions for each season of sport are reviewed during the prior season of sport. Fall sports: Girl's Volleyball and Co-ed Cross Country; Winter sports: Co-ed Soccer (Boy's); Spring sports: Co-ed Track. If you are interested in applying for a coaching position, please contact Sam at ext. 2258 or Anne at ext. 2252.
    Mission of Athletics Program
    To promote well-rounded, physically fit Mountain Oaks students by offering physical activities and competitions as well as social camaraderie in a safe, nurturing environment.
    Athletics Policy
    Mountain Oaks School recognizes the goal of developing the whole person. The athletic program is one aspect of a balanced approach in developing the whole person physically, mentally, socially, creatively and emotionally.

    The athletic committee recommends that:
    • Everyone participates and each student has the opportunity to play.
    • Mountain Oaks considers offering sports not available at the community level.
    • Individual sports as well as team sports are offered.
    • Students need to be committed to the sport as determined by the Athletic Committee.
    • Parents form an integral part of the program by offering support, guidance, and direction to their student.
    Athletic Packet and Physical Form
    Players need to have a completed athletic packet, concussion form, and a sports physical completed to participate in competitive sports - practice or competition. Physical forms completed by your own doctor can be on the doctors own form or the form provided below. Mountain Oaks School participates in sports physicals done at Calaveras High School. This is an inexpensive way to get your physical done before school starts. The cost for a physical performed at Calaveras High School is $20.00 and can be paid in cash or by check made out to: Mountain Oaks School. Girls physicals will be performed on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, starting no later than 3:00 pm in the upper gym. Boys physicals will be performed on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, starting no later than 3:00 pm in the upper gym. Please arrive EARLY to get your sports physical done. Calaveras High School releases students at 3:25 pm and shortly after 3:00 pm they begin to restrict access on to the campus. If you cannot attend the dates at Calaveras High School you will need to get a sports physical completed by your own doctor.
    All four of the following documents must be fully completed to participate in sports practice or play: 
    Accident Insurance form (fee is paid by Mountain Oaks School)
    Mountain Oaks School will be providing low cost accident insurance for all competitive sports athletes. The form for this coverage is included in the required athletic documents above. 
  • Join A Team!
    All athletic teams are open to current Mountain Oaks high school students with a 2.0 GPA or better. If you are interested in playing on any of these teams, please contact the Athletic Director at 1-888-686-6257, ext. 2258.

    Girls Volleyball - Begins in August
    Coed Cross-Country -- Begins in August
    Boys Soccer (Co-ed) - Begins in November

    Co-ed Track -- Begins in March

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