• This section gives you access to information and resources provided by different departments in CCOE. 

    The County Superintendent of Schools, Kathy Northington, is an elected official and oversees all county office services and operations.  

    Under County Board of Education you’ll find our mission, members, and meeting schedules, agendas and minutes.

    Business services are divided into County Office business services and district fiscal services, including payroll auditing and budget oversight.

    Curriculum and instruction services provided by CCOE include professional development support for school staff at all levels – administrative, certificated, and classified. CCOE also facilitates communication and curriculum development among districts. Currently CCOE does not have a curriculum office.  Support is provided through collaboration with the districts.

    The Personnel Services Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and maintaining qualified professional staff for CCOE. Personnel Services offers information on everything from job descriptions and salary schedules to substitute teacher scheduling.

    Technology Services maintains and supports technology for CCOE’s staff and for school districts as well. CCOE Tech works tirelessly to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency among districts and access to appropriate technology for students.

    The SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) is housed at Calaveras County Office of Education.  In addition to serving as the SELPA for Calaveras County, the Administrative Unit (AU) operates programs established through the Executive Council.  These programs serve students countywide and as a result all districts share the cost of operating the programs.