Career-Directed Education Paves Pathways for Students

Press Release - Oct. 18, 2018
By: Debbie Strand, Communications Coordinator


 Career-Directed Education Paves Pathways for Students


The Calaveras Workforce Development Initiative (CWDI) is about to launch the first in a series of podcasts directed toward helping students and parents understand the importance of focusing on career-directed education.  The Calaveras Workforce Development Initiative’s new website will host the locally produced podcasts and provide access to resources for career-directed education. The first three podcasts are available now.

The CWDI is a project of Calaveras County high schools, the County Office of Education, the County Board of Supervisors, Regional Community Colleges, the Mother Lode Workforce Development Board and the Economic Development Talent.

The intent of this countywide partnership is to graduate students who are better prepared for the workforce and to pave pathways to more opportunities in industry sectors such as healthcare, technology and forestry.

“CWDI will help students become more aware of what is out there, creating better partnerships with industry sectors and creating opportunities for students,” said Calaveras Unified School District Superintendent Mark Campbell.  Bret Harte Union High School District Superintendent Mike Chimente added, “Our high schools are committed to maintaining strong Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and ensuring that these programs offer the ‘next step’ for students.”

Parents and students can tune in to the podcasts to get valuable information on how to prepare for the future after high school. Students will learn how important career preparation is and how it influences college and post-graduate decisions. The podcasts will elevate awareness and help students respond to changing workforce demands and upcoming industry advances.  

For further information about the Calaveras Workforce Development Initiative, check the website at or contact Calaveras County Office of Education Superintendent Scott Nanik at 209-736-4662.