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Emergency Mental Health Crisis Protocols

The tabs below contain flow charts and additional support documents for student mental health emergencies on school sites. These mental health crisis protocols have been developed as a collaborative effort of all Calaveras County school districts; they are advisory and for school staff use only. The intent of the protocols is to create the safest, smoothest process for students needing immediate care. The risk assessment should be undertaken by a mental health professional. 
  • Administrator- Bring student to office: remain with student, eyes-on, reassure student and take care of basic needs. (food, water, etc.) If immediate transport to hospital is required, call 911.  Contact an on-site mental health worker (counselor, school psychologist, ERMHS) or contact Andrea Tiquet 209-736-6058/cell 209-768-2569 who will locate a mental health provider for you.
  • Assessor- Please click on the appropriate tab for suggested situational protocols. 
Suicide Threat
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