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Calaveras Care Team


The Calaveras Care Team (CCT)  meets monthly, and is designed to serve children with complex challenges such as personal, family, educational or social.  Our experise is where the solution is beyond the scope of a single agency and we come together to find a solution. Referrals may come from schools, partner agencies, the community, or self referred.


The CCT is a countywide multidisciplinary team including: Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Public Health, and First 5, Probation, Calaveras COE Special Education, The Resource Connection, and Calaveras County School Districts. These members have the ability to discuss and authorize supports for referred families following confidentiality guidelines.


To refer a child or family to the CCT, please complete the Referral-Authorization form below and email it to [email protected] or you can contact us for further information. The Calaveras Care Team Navigator will respond and walk you through the process.