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Calaveras Care Team


The Calaveras Care Team (CCT) is a countywide multidisciplinary team including Calaveras County Health and Human Service Agency (including Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Public Health, and First 5), Calaveras County Office of Education (including Special Education Local Plan Area Administrative Unit (SELPA-AU)), The Resource Connection, and all Calaveras County School Districts.


The CCT meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, and is designed to serve children with complex, personal, family or social challenges who are or may be involved with several service or enforcement agencies. Typical referrals concern children with school, family, peer, emotional/behavioral or legal concerns where the solution is beyond the scope of a single agency and will require multi-disciplinary considerations.  Referrals may come from schools, partner agencies or the community.


The goals of the CCT are:

  1. to develop a unified approach to, and understanding of, each family’s needs and the resources each agency can contribute to meeting them;
  2. to provide proactive supports to children in need;
  3. to encourage and direct families to use their own or community resources in the resolution of family challenges;
  4. to effectively assist in supporting children and families who are experiencing personal challenges that may be impacting children’s ability to thrive at school and home;
  5. to collaborate and use processes to build, evolve and improve services and supports for families in Calaveras County;
  6. to combine resources and improve efficiencies in coordinated care for quicker, more agile and more targeted responses to families in need; and
  7. to collect and share data.

To refer a child or family to the Calaveras Care Team, please follow the Flow Chart below, and complete and submit a Referral Form and if possible, the Use and Disclosure of Information Form. Members of the Calaveras Care Team are agency personnel authorized to discuss and serve referred families under strict existing confidentiality laws.


Email the completed Referral Form to [email protected] by the 20th of the month to be scheduled for review the following month.  The Calaveras Care Team Navigator will respond and walk you through the process.


For further information about the Calaveras Care Team, please contact the CCT Navigator at [email protected].