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Calaveras County Superintendent of Schools

Scott Nanik started his tenure being appointed as County Superintendent of Schools in September 2017 and was thereafter elected in June 2018. Prior to becoming County Superintendent, he served as an associate superintendent, assistant superintendent, director, principal, assistant principal, lead teacher and teacher. Scott has worked in education in Calaveras County for over 20 years.

Scott is a highly respected educator who is recognized throughout Calaveras County and the state for his integrity and his commitment to students, parents, staff and the community.

Scott has been active in the Calaveras community for many years. He is a member of the Angels-Murphys Rotary Club and also serves on the PEG Commission for Public Access TV. He has helped with Ebbetts Pass Youth Soccer as a board member and coach, and supported Feeney Park with site development and construction. Scott was active with the Angels, Murphys, Arnold (AMA) wrestling program; served as an assistant coach for Bret Harte soccer; and coordinated fundraising for Bret Harte wrestling. Scott also has been a 4-H Project Leader with Murphys 4-H, assisted with the Jr Livestock swine area at the county fair, and volunteered as an Academic Decathlon judge and Science Fair judge.

Scott entered the field of education from the software industry, where he was the Western U.S. Area Manager for Instar Corporation. He received his Bachelors in Economics with a Minor in Business from San Jose State University. He completed his teaching credential through the San Joaquin County Office of Education IMPACT program (now known as the Teachers College of San Joaquin.) Scott received his Administrative Credential when he was needed to step up as Lead Teacher, his experience enabled him to earn his Administrative Credential by assessment followed by two years of experienced-based work with a mentor.

Scott resides in Murphys and has lived in Calaveras County with his family for over 25 years. He and his wife of 31 years, Jennifer, raised two children in Calaveras County. Both children enjoyed growing up active in our local schools. Their daughter, Erin (29), is a teacher in Riverbank. Their son, Devin (27), serves in the U. S. Army and is stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. Watching both children transition from local schools into college, and now successful careers, Scott has seen how well our schools prepare students to be future citizens.

Keeping his finger on the pulse of what is the happening in the ‘trenches’ of teaching is important to Scott; and his wife Jennifer, a teacher at a local high school, ensures he doesn’t lose touch with that important aspect. Her input, along with that of close friends who serve in the classroom, keep him well informed and practical.

Scott also has the advantage of being connected with many local business people and is keenly aware of their challenges in recruiting and maintaining good high-quality employees. Scott has been pushing, and will keep pushing, for all our students to be future-ready. Being an active member of the Computer Using Educators (CUE), Scott has assisted programs to integrate technology successfully for student learning. He formed the “Future of Education” group in Calaveras County to provide a think tank venue for parents, educators and students in an effort to address the challenges faced by education today. Scott has assisted districts in our county apply for and receive technology infrastructure grants to improve bandwidth to school sites. Through his participation in the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) and the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) he is involved in keeping the needs of schools and districts on the front burner for legislators.

The world is changing fast and our students should not be at a disadvantage because of our rural location. Scott values what makes living in Calaveras County special, and he believes that every student should leave high school career or college-ready.