Butte County Schools Need Our Help

Butte County Schools – Need Our Help

A message from County Office of Education Superintendent, Tim Taylor:

 “Many of you have asked how can you help the schools up here.  We really appreciate everyone's support, kindness and generosity.   I want you to know trucks of food, clothing and items are arriving to help us.   For schools we need donations that our Foundation will give directly to teachers, administrators and staff so they don't have to worry about waiting for purchases.  Please share this and thanks for everything--we feel your love!” 

What You can do:

We have set up Butte Schools Foundation set up specifically for educational purposes for schools, students, and staff.  Our immediate goals:

  1. We need cash donations to buy gas cards, gift cards, and bus passes.  
  2. We need cash donations to purchase 5000 laptops TO RECONNECT BUTTE STUDENTS/FAMILIES WITH THEIR TEACHERS.   We need 5000 laptops to give to students, teachers and school administrators.  We have a team of IT experts and Educational Technology teachers ready to train, distribute and support.  
  3. We need cash donations so district and charter school principals have discretionary funding to get their schools back in order.  

Please donate to: