Science Fair

The Calaveras County Science Fair provides opportunities for students in grades 4-12 to explore scientific inquiry and creatively submit science projects. Any Calaveras County student is eligible to enter the Calaveras County Science Fair.
The 36th Annual Calaveras County Science Fair will be a 100% Virtual Event!!
Grand Prize Winner
Reese Roeder - Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 7 "Seagrass as a Carbon Sink?"
1st Place Winners
Rebecca Dittman- Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 6 "Imposter"
Wesley Mann- Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 5 "Kaboom!"
Ian Mendoza-Avery Middle School, Grade 6 "The Twin Paradox
2nd Place Winners
Adrien Wood- Mountain Oaks, Grade 6 "What Should My Plants Drink?"

Cecilia O’Geen- Mountain Oaks, Grade 7 “The Beauty in Fish Poop: Using Aquaponics vs. Traditional Soil Farming”


Tobias Siegler- Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 6 “Microorganisms to the Extreme”


Colette Glaser- Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 8 “Observation and Participation”


Arabelle Houghton- Mountain Oaks, Grade 5 “Model Rocket Motor Test”

3rd Place Winners

Kali Smith- Christian Family Learning Center, Grade 8 “Cheesecake Challenge”


Kenan Dragomanovich- Mark Twain Elementary, Grade 4 “Do Seeds and Plants Need Light To Grow?”


Glen Hall- Albert Michelson Elementary, Grade 4 “Alcohol Stove”


Josh Schuler- Avery Middle School, Grade 7 “How Outside Time Affects Your Mood and Sleep”

Honorable Mention Awardees

Isabell Thomas- Toyon Middle School, Grade 7 “Bye Bye Baking Soda”


Maliyah & Camden Klegseth- Mokelumne Hill Elementary,  Grade 6 & 4 “Hot Cups”


Cameron Robinson- Copperopolis Elementary, Grade 4 “Killing Germs”

Participation Awardees

Mackenzie McKeon- Avery Middle School, Grade 8 “Oh the Things Sugar Can Do”


Madison Elliot- Jenny Lind Elementary, Grade 5 “Volcano”

Step 3: Complete Student Entry Online Form - Due by Feb. 26th
Step 4: Submit your project via Google Classroom - Due by March 13th (instructional video below)
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